Dino, Jahupo, Wout and Bert. March 6, 1998, San Francisco Golden Gate Park

Bert is Evil !
What the hell is this site all about?

It all started around mid 1995. I was a newbie into the Internet. It was an exciting new medium. I easily got addicted to it as we all did. I jumped in eyes closed and made a homepage, I called it Fractal Cow. It was very simple, just a collection of links and some of my drawings. As I slowly got more and more addicted I began to crave more supplemental information to the monster that is the web. I started collecting Internet Underground, a magazine I still consider the best Internet Publication ever made (bring it back!). My favorite section in this magazine was the "Weird Wide Web". I discovered some of the funniest websites in this monthly feature, Spam Cam, the Captain Kirk Sing Along and the Mr. T Ate My Balls Page to name a few.


copyright 1998 Dino Ignacio, Fractal Cow Studio