Bert is Evil!:
Intercepted E-mail Correspondence with Jeffrey Dahmer

The following is a series of E-mail correspondence between famed murderer/cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer and Bert. Contains violent language, reader's discretion is advised.

to: Jeffrey Dahmer ( 

from: Bert ( 

subject: Greetings! 

At 11:37 AM 11/26/94 -0800, Bert wrote:

Hello Jeffrey! Remember me.. Bert! We met once at the 

Evil People Convention. How's it been hanging?

I've been busy myself. Are you still doing a lot 

of carving? How's the meat this season?


to: Bert ( from: Jeffrey Dahmer ( subject: (re:)Greetings! At 8:31 PM 11/27/94 -0700, Jeffrey Dahmer wrote: Bert, Of course I remember you! You were the one who gave me that recipe for Infant Soup. Thanks a million. I've been fine, the seasons been great, lots of fresh sweet meat. I love kids. BTW if I remember right you have a Children related occupation. Do you think you can source me some seven year olds? Jeffrey
to: Jeffrey Dahmer ( from: Bert ( subject: Kids At 9:43 PM 11/27/94 -0800, Bert wrote: Jeff, Sure I can! How many do you need? There are lots of kids here. (nice and plump) I'll send you a sample soon. Bert
to: Bert ( from: Jeffrey Dahmer ( subject: (re:)Kids attachment: Butchering.txt At 7:20 PM 11/30/94 -0700, Jeffrey Dahmer wrote: Wow, the leg you sent me was excellent! I want more. Can I get some by the bulk? Also attached is a file on how to prepare the meat. This way you can keep the meat in prime condition. Jeffrey
to: Jeffrey Dahmer ( from: Bert ( subject: Sweet Meat At 6:24 PM 11/31/94 -0800, Bert wrote: Jeff, Thanks for the text file you sent. It was very informative. I'll make sure the next batch of meat I'll send over will be prepped this way. Bert