W E L C O M E  

more than 100.000 downloads in a few years, ŠK is still very used out there. there's been so many requests to download the script that i've decided to mantain this website, for the sake of history.

there won't be any new versions due to so many reasons, but please, feel free to use/abuse/rip/hack this script. that was the whole idea of scripting in the first place. it'll make my day.

see ya in cyberspace


last script update, called version 3.666
some bugfixes, added a few new features and updated services. download it here.

u can reach me through: conde@dekadence.org or at myspace

nickname: Conde in server: irc.ptnet.org

If you have no clue wtf ŠeKaŠeNcE is, click here.

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